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The top three football leagues to bet on

The top three football leagues to bet on

If you like to watch football, you probably also like betting on it. Even though there are many people who are not into this sport at all, football continues to be the most popular sport in the entire world. Regardless of whether you like to watch some of the world’s strongest leagues or prefer to look at your local one, there is always something interesting going on.


However, when it comes down to football betting, things are a little bit different. Most bettors prefer to punt on the most famous football leagues in the world because the odds are usually better. If you also plan to do the same, here are the top three football leagues that you should take a look at. Luckily, you can find all of them on Parimatch.

The top three football leagues to bet on


Premier League


It’s probably not a surprise that the first league where people go whenever they want to place a bet is the Premier League. This is England’s strongest football competition that features 20 teams. Each year, the last three teams from the league are sent to the lower division in favor of the other three.


The Premier League is definitely the most popular football fixed competition out there. What’s really interesting about it is that every football match has something to offer. Unlike some of the other leagues you’ll find in this article, every team has the potential to become the champion. Needless to say, the best example here is Leicester City, a team that managed to win the trophy, although people thought it was impossible.


La Liga


The number two spot on our list is, of course, La Liga. Despite the fact that many people think that this is the least interesting “big league” due to Barcelona and Real Madrid’s reign, we don’t agree. While it’s true that those two teams heavily dominate the competition, there are many other amazing matches and rivalries that are just a joy to watch.

In fact, that’s one of the reasons why so many bettors prefer to punt on La Liga. If you try this sign up bonus code offered by 22bet, you will guarantee yourself  a head start so that you can place bets on some of the most exciting matches in Spain’s number one football league.


Having said that, we don’t recommend placing bets on some of the matches, especially where the two teams have a lot of history together. Although “El Clasico” might be amazing to watch, everything can happen, so it’s not really the best betting option.


Serie A


Lastly, we have one of the football leagues that puts a smile on millions of punters, and that’s Serie A. Those of you who’ve been betting for over 15 years now probably remember the days where Italy’s competition used to be the strongest one in the world. Back then, the Italian teams were on another level and dominated everything.


Although the current situation is slightly different, Serie A still continues to be one of the most loved and watched football league in the world. Here, every punter who visits Parimatch can find good odds and excellent betting options. Just be careful because some of the outcome of the matches are really hard to predict.

The top three football leagues to bet on

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